Tania Love

Tania Love is a Toronto based visual artist who takes the cues for her work from the natural and cultural environment. Her curiosity in the intersection between traditional methods and innovative expressions has led her to explore a breadth of materials including plant based inks and dyes, milk paint, reclaimed wire, cyanotypes, tea bags, paper and textiles.

Tania places emphasis on process oriented, tactile works to invite quiet, slower rhythms and connection to natural cycles.

Tania's scarves and textiles are carefully hand screen printed and dyed with plant based inks and dyes made in small batches giving priority to nuance and variation. Many of the plants used are foraged locally, such as black walnut, sumac and goldenrod.  

Recipient of numerous grants, international residencies and exhibitions, her work has been seen in public and commercial galleries, pop-up vitrines, and design projects across the globe from her native Toronto and Ontario surrounds, to New York, NY, Lauris France, Bialystok Poland, Tokyo Japan and Baroda India.

You can view Tania's art and textiles here.