Art Books: Accordion Fold Structures Workshops - NEW DATES!
Art Books: Accordion Fold Structures Workshops - NEW DATES!
Art Books: Accordion Fold Structures Workshops - NEW DATES!

Art Books: Accordion Fold Structures Workshops - NEW DATES!

Marlene MacCallum
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These three workshops explore the accordion fold as a key structural element. Take one, or take all 3! Each is a stand-alone experience and will cover distinct material use and skill development.  Together they offer a comprehensive experience of the potential of the accordion fold.


Workshop #1: Hedi Kyle Flag Book - Saturday, February 22, 10am - 4pm    This innovative structure provides an animated aspect and has a sculptural dimension to it. The workshop will cover the use of the accordion as a structural concertina, the making and attaching of the flags and the use of a folded board cover with a window opening. The effect of progression and sequence is a major element of this structure and will be explored through use of different materials.
You'll leave with one flag book model and your toolkit*.

Workshop #2: Expandable Accordion - Saturday, March 14, 10am-4pm Make an expandable structure made by interlocking two snake-fold accordions, allowing the pages to be seen as a series of page spreads or as a sequence. The book block is nested into a folded paper cover. You'll make a test model, then a second using archival materials. This structure incorporates elements developed by Hedi Kyle and Scott McCarney. You'll go home with your toolkit* and two accordion fold art books.

Workshop #3: Double Album Accordion - Saturday, April 4, 10am-4pm  Make a double album accordion with hard covers and a recessed-hinge system, 
based on a traditional Japanese album structure. You'll learn to how to cover binder's board with book cloth to create a hard cover, create a two-sided accordion using folded sheets, and use of a piano-hinge system with dowel to create a closure system. You'll will leave with one model made with archival materials and your toolkit*.

While you are welcome to create blank book models, you're welcome to incorporate images, text and/or other materials into your work. Details will be communicated in advance of each workshop.

All necessary materials and supplies are included.

*Please note: Each registrant is encouraged to purchase a toolkit. The toolkit is yours to keep, and is used in each workshop. If you take more than one workshop, you only have to purchase it once. The toolkit is sold separately, here's the link: