Cribbage board
Cribbage board

Cribbage board

Adrian Martinus
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These crib boards are made from mixed hardwoods and repurposed skateboards 
and are a unique take one a timeless game that will look good on any table. Made from repurposed materials, this 3-player crib board has a beautifully patterned veneer carefully laminated to a wood base. Finished with Danish Oil.

Each board is unique in design and measures approx. 13.5" x 4" x .75" (34cm x 10cm x 2cm).

This game includes 9 sturdy metal pegs: 3 gold, 3 black & 3 silver. Please note that this crib board does not have peg storage. The pegs come in a clear resealable bag and is designed to be stored on your shelf with the pegs in it, functioning as a nice decor item when not in use. 

Designed and made in Calgary.