Flax Seed Eye Pillow

Flax Seed Eye Pillow

Coalmine Designs
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This eye pillow was designed specifically to induce a response called the Oculo-Cardiac Reflex, a phenomenon in which gentle pressure placed over the eyes has a direct calming affect on your Autonomic (fight or flight) Nervous System.

Placing this pillow over your eyes for even just a few minutes can help ease systemic tension, eye fatigue, brain fatigue, and just overall nervous system overload.  It may even calm your heart rate slightly.

It spans the eyes, the forehead and temporal area, so it’s very comforting.

A small amount of organic lavender has been added in with the flax seed filling to further soothe your nervous system and refresh your mind.

The stiffness of the cotton will quickly soften with use, and it should feel relatively cool on the eyes, even in the summer heat.

The circular pattern that resembles a Sun, is in fact Dia’s understanding of and depiction of ‘Consciouness’, as in Universal Consciousness.  It represents the idea that the Universe itself is in fact Conscious, and that all things of material form are mere representations of this Universal Consciousness.  Humans themselves are sensate projections of this Consciousness, radiating out from it, and experiencing and learning from the ‘reality’ we are perceiving.  And then, when our time is over, we are simply ‘reabsorbed’ to this Sphere of Consciousness.

You Are Here

On all of her circular designs, Dia tends to stitch one stitch a different colour.  This is intended to represent the individual within the collective.  It is to remind you that you are a unique and one of a kind being, while at the same time, you are a part of a collective and really nothing all that special. It’s meant to instill some level of grounding and perspective in this overwhelming world.