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The first mobile to launch in Mobairu's Botanical collection is named through leaf taxonomy and after the obovate leaf shape.

This mobile is handmade in their Toronto studio with brass wire and choice of Canadian Walnut or Maple elements. Maple is now also available in a 'Tiger' variant. This is lighter in colour than our original Maple, with a more subdued grain and an almost translucent lateral patterning. Tiger (R), Traditional (L) in the side-by-side photo.

Dimensions excluding suspension thread:
55cm H, 35cm W (22” H, 14” W)

Obo comes fully assembled and ready to hang with adjustable suspension cotton thread (you will need to tie a knot in order to suspend it at the right height for your space).

Light and shadow play an important part in the design of these mobiles. Hang it  near a window or light source where breezes and lumens will generate movement, shadows and life.

All elements of this mobile and its packaging are made in Canada using locally sourced materials. The woods used in the mobile are from sustainable sources. The shipping box is made from post-consumer waste and all packing materials are fully recyclable.