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Atelier Stōbben specializes in modern lighting inspired by Maker Paul Stobben's Mennonite heritage and generations of self-sufficiency. He creates from long-lasting, raw materials, such as wood, metal and concrete. After working in the film industry for over a decade as a filmmaker and video editor, he realized he wanted to work more with my hands. So in 2017, with his interest in design and the desire to connect with his Mennonite background, he decided to branch out and start my own company.


"My collections often have titles in Low German, a nod to the language my dad spoke growing up in the Old Colony Mennonite colonies in Chihuahua, Mexico. In fact, "stobben" means "stump" in Low German, inspired by these stumps I saw drying outside my parents' house in southwestern Alberta. That turned into my first collection, and was the catalyst for launching my business." 

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