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Nicola Cunningham was born in the Isle of Man which is part of the British Isles. She moved to London, UK when she was 16 to study performing arts at Italia Conte Academy of Performing Arts. She worked in acting before becoming a teacher and specialised in art and performance. Nicola became head of art and design and spearheaded a sculpture garden exhibition at Westham park. She directed children in performance art projects at the Whitechapel art gallery and created outdoor community weaving projects and drawing festivals.

At the end of 2019 Nicola moved to Prince Edward County with her family.


Artist statement

I engage with the natural world to seek meaning that resonates with my life. I cut fold, stitch and weave plants together to gesture a poetic form. Having grown up in the rural Isle of Man, part of the British Isles, I was immersed with a community who were into pressing, arranging and drying flowers for local competitions. It became a familiar language, especially when I moved to the city and looked for familiarity. I found myself drawn to wayside plants and began to document feelings and ideas through the arrangements of things I found growing locally.

The works I create are archival photographic prints from original pressed plant matter.

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