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Blisscraft + Brazen is a two-person team; partners in both business + life. Both received BFAs (Baccalaureates of Fine Arts) from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada in 2006. Between the two, they specialized in sculpture, textiles, printing and video.

A lifelong search to live + work in line with their deeply held values led to their move to Silverwood, their one acre slice of Boreal Forest in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, and the subsequent birth of B+B.  

They are relentless creators who strive to create objects that are a) useful b) beautiful and c) ethically made.

"We believe that, not only can you have beautiful things and  homes without adding to landfills and carbon emissions, we believe it is incumbent upon us to consume in a responsible way for the sake of our planet." 

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