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David Morrish has exhibited traditional copper-plate photogravure prints since 1996, nationally and internationally. A retired professor from Memorial University, David's photogravure work includes portraits of distressed taxidermy and landscape panoramas of the limestone alvars of Newfoundland and Ireland. His artist’s limited-edition book-works, GAZE and DIED use copper-plate photogravure and letterpress under his imprint: DeadCat Press. DIED includes a rare four-plate CMYK color copper-plate photogravure. Recent research
explores animal and human mortality, faux biography, provenance, collections, and the museum archive through the construction of an immersive Wunderkammer, The Lyric Cranium, that was the catalyst for on-going works on paper, artistamps, potential video, and other ephemera. For more, go to

David lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where he continues to work out of his studio and print shop to continue DeadCat Press and Obelus Publishing. 


My work has evolved from memento mori still life photographs (1980s) to work that exists in a more physical form through the use of alternative photographic processes, photogravure prints and letterpress (1990s), artist’s book projects (2000s), and the installation of physical collections and artifacts (2014+). Continuing themes throughout most of my work have always included: the passage of time, the frailty of memory, animal and human mortality, the inevitability of death and decay, and the juxtaposition of permanence and impermanence. Faux biography and the archive are some new directions I am exploring.

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