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Shay Salehi is a Toronto based artist utilizing interdisciplinary sculpture and installation to explore cycles within the human condition. Shay's practice has been an observation and exploration of the systems, patterns and processes that inhabit daily lives. As a first-generation Canadian artist, she finds an interest inthe intersection between cycles, identity and the socioeconomic climate. Through research she
investigates the systems we build in our lives, how we choose to question the validity of their framework and how and when we decide to break these patterns to find paths toward constructive change.

Apart from her sculptural work, Shay maintains a steady glass practice. She kiln fires glass beads into ceramic moulds to create fine sculptures that highlight the fragile nature of the material. The process known as pâte de verre, is a form of kiln casting that mixes finely crushed glass with a binding material which is then applied to the inner surface of a negative mould.

Shay borrows this technique in order to create delicate sculptures that do not display the well-known properties of glass, such as its transparency or optics; therefore, at first glance one would not even consider this work to be made from glass.

Shay graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (2017-2020) with a BFA in Sculpture and Installation. Previous to OCADU, Shay studied glasswork at Sheridan College (2011-2014), and continues to make sculptural glasswork. She is preparing to begin her M.F.A at Parsons New School in New York City in the Fall of 2021.

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