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Judy Jacques is the Ontario-based fibre and textile artist behind jj basket co. Judy works primarily with cotton cord, has always loved baskets and has been creating art for as long as she can remember, becoming fascinated with cotton basketry in 2015, after a workshop with artist Alisa Burke. After the workshop, she continued to experiment with rope and her sewing machine and hasn't stopped.

Through the process of coiling and stitching, using an industrial sewing machine, Judy creates functional art vessels of various shapes and sizes – baskets, bowls, trays and totes. She dyes her rope using homemade botanical dyes that are mindfully sourced from nature as well as a few synthetic, environmentally friendly dyes. Through her work, Judy brings beauty and function into people's spaces. Her art has been influenced by the work of Brooklyn artist, Doug Johnston, who inspires her to push the limits and keep experimenting. You can find Judy's baskets all over Ontario in small shops and galleries that support artists with a focus on local and handmade.

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  • Natural and Indigo Dyed Rope Baskets
    Natural and Indigo Dyed Rope Baskets
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