• The Fine Art of Craft

    We were very excited to be featured in the Spring 2022 edition of Grapevine Magazine! Printed copies are now out and you can pick them up throughou...
  • Crafted: Forging Steel

    If you’ve seen old Popeye cartoons, you’re familiar with Olive Oyle’s wobbly arms; after 1½ hours with Bruce Milan and Amy Liden from Island Forge,...
  • Carving Out Some Time With Sara Heron

    "There is a moment when you look at the raw stone and you say yes, this is the form that I can pull out of it. This is where I can go."
  • Crafted: the backstory

    Last Fall, I pitched a local paper about doing a column that explored craft, process and inspiration by having a local artist show me how to make s...
  • Well, that's a wrap!

    The end of the year is always a time for reflection, correction and a little optimism as we look to the new year ahead. For us, we're wiping our brow with a big 'PHEW' at the year that was.
  • Ten Questions for Oksana Berda

    Oksana is a Toronto-based painter working with mixed media. We asked her ten very important questions about her work, her life and her inspiration.
  • The Wellington Times!

    We were so lucky to be approached by Sharon Harrison at the Wellington times to do a story about Guildworks and our new adventure in Prince Edward ...
  • Heat, Heavy Metal & Murder: The Heart of Glass

    Glass is one of those elusive materials that is infinitely curious: to watch glass being made is mesmerizing, and to be honest, a little terrifying...
  • So How Did We Get Here?

    So, it's open-day 2 and I'm sitting in the shop, doing some research (always on the hunt for new Canadian Artists and Makers - know any? Drop me a line) and it occurs to me this - this - is our new life. Like many new attempts at reinvention, it's never a straight-line.
  • A Local Shop Is For Life

    I snapped that photo on a trip to the UK with my partner. We were in Hastings, on the south coast of England. Little did I know that less than two years later we'd be opening our own local shop.