• Crafted: Forging Steel

    If you’ve seen old Popeye cartoons, you’re familiar with Olive Oyle’s wobbly arms; after 1½ hours with Bruce Milan and Amy Liden from Island Forge,...
  • Carving Out Some Time With Sara Heron

    "There is a moment when you look at the raw stone and you say yes, this is the form that I can pull out of it. This is where I can go."
  • Crafted: the backstory

    Last Fall, I pitched a local paper about doing a column that explored craft, process and inspiration by having a local artist show me how to make s...
  • Well, that's a wrap!

    The end of the year is always a time for reflection, correction and a little optimism as we look to the new year ahead. For us, we're wiping our brow with a big 'PHEW' at the year that was.
  • Ten Questions for Oksana Berda

    Oksana is a Toronto-based painter working with mixed media. We asked her ten very important questions about her work, her life and her inspiration.
  • The Wellington Times!

    We were so lucky to be approached by Sharon Harrison at the Wellington times to do a story about Guildworks and our new adventure in Prince Edward ...
  • Heat, Heavy Metal & Murder: The Heart of Glass

    Glass is one of those elusive materials that is infinitely curious: to watch glass being made is mesmerizing, and to be honest, a little terrifying...
  • So How Did We Get Here?

    So, it's open-day 2 and I'm sitting in the shop, doing some research (always on the hunt for new Canadian Artists and Makers - know any? Drop me a line) and it occurs to me this - this - is our new life. Like many new attempts at reinvention, it's never a straight-line.
  • A Local Shop Is For Life

    I snapped that photo on a trip to the UK with my partner. We were in Hastings, on the south coast of England. Little did I know that less than two years later we'd be opening our own local shop.