Collection: Makiko Hicher

Makiko Hicher was born in Japan and lives in Montreal, Quebec. She has exhibited her award-winning pottery across Canada and Europe.

The pieces we are carrying at Guildworks  are  inspired by the idea of a work of art which, perhaps after a shipwreck, would have sunk to the bottom of the sea, where it would have waited for centuries, alone, gradually covered by algae and shellfish, taking on the colours of the waters surrounding it.

Makiko's  work is about both sadness and poetry... the poetry and sadness of lost objects, forsaken by all, on which time, slowly, leaves its marks. 


"On this work also hovers the idea of the deep seas, marine depths, underwater chasm... which have always frightened me, but are tingedwith romanticism.

This, in many ways, is typical of my work: made of clay (the material I prefer), shaped in a form, as simple and natural as possible, and marked, like most of my work, by the idea that the flow of time passes and alters things, giving them a relief and a secret depth."

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