Chrysalide (Chrysalis)
Chrysalide (Chrysalis)
Chrysalide (Chrysalis)

Chrysalide (Chrysalis)

Anne-Sophie Falconer
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edition 3/9

Winterstone (cement) and pigments

Measures approximately 16" x 7" x 10"

Artist Statement:

Upon my arrival in Victoria in 2022, I started working on CHRYSALIDE, and on how to express the concept of change and the strong emotions linked to it. 

I should explain that my partner’s firm transferred him to BC and we were uprooting ourselves from Ontario, from our friends and family.
The metaphor of a chrysalis, a butterfly emerging from a caterpillar, came to my mind. That necessary act of transformation was the perfect image and reminder that embracing changes in our lives is the only way to move forward. Now, with a little more perspective, I would further say that change is the essence of life.