Felted Sculptures - Shelter 4

Felted Sculptures - Shelter 4

Carmella Karijo Rother
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These felt sculptures begin as loose wool fibres that have been carded, the same as ones spun into yarn. To make felt, very thin layers of wool are laid down at right angles to each other and ever so gently massaged with soap and warm water. To create various forms in felt requires a great deal of manipulation and elbow grease, encouraging the fibres to become entangled and thus “felted” together.

Carmella's love of organic, spare forms is reflected in the rounded, undulating and elongated shapes of her sculptures. Once they are formed, she adds an outer layer of painted gauze and wax; black and white, sometimes with splashes of red, are one of my favourite colour combinations. Each element of every piece is carefully considered for its role in creating an object of simplicity and beauty.

Each sculpture is one of a kind. 

Measures approximately 6" x 21" x 7".

Do not expose to direct sunlight.