Shadow Canto 1: Still Life, 2018
Shadow Canto 1: Still Life, 2018

Shadow Canto 1: Still Life, 2018

Marlene MacCallum
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Shadow is an ongoing artist’s book project that, using poetry and stunning visuals, explores domestic and private spaces, and the potential for built structures to have both literal and metaphoric implications in regards to themes of absence and presence. Shadow explores how events within and around physical spaces generate narratives. Poetry is used to provide the opportunity to create discrete pieces, or cantos, each which investigates a different aspect of the theme of the shadow.

Still Life, the first Canto, began when a cedar waxwing flew into a picture window and died. The poem is written from the bird’s perspective. The sequence of images plays with formal and spatial qualities and the gatefold structure allows the viewer to create their own pairings. The experience of the piece is that of moving through the interior structure of the book while contemplating images of interiority and the nature of the “still life” and the stilled life. 

Only 15 of these books were made. We have only 1.

Shadow Canto 1: Still Life  was awarded the Award for Artist’s Books in conjunction with the exhibition Art of the Book 2018.

This is completely handmade. Hand bound artist’s book with slipcase, pamphlet binding with gatefold structure, inkjet on archival Aya. 

Dimensions: 23.7 x 17.5 x 1 cm (closed), 23.4 x 34 cm (page spread), 23.4 x 68.5 cm (fully opened).