Vessel 132

Vessel 132

Carmella Karijo Rother
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Vessels by Carmella Karijo Rother

I have been making vessels using white cord and paper cord for a few years. I sew the cords on an industrial sewing machine, starting at the bottom centre and going up in one continuous spiral, shaping each piece as I go.

The more complex ones started with a piece that was not working. I ripped it apart in order to reuse the cord, and I started pulling out the resulting torn threads. This was my “what if” moment, which I carried one step further and call "twofold construction”.

The process is as follows: I sew a vessel and paint thick curved black lines in black on the inside and outside. I rip the vessel apart and resew it so that the black paint disperses into dots and dashes, at the same time catching the threads from the first sewing, between the cords. So each vessel is, in fact, sewn twice and ripped apart in between.

Each Vessel is one of a kind. 

Measures approximately 6.5"H x 13.5"W.