Wabi Sabi Bowl
Wabi Sabi Bowl

Wabi Sabi Bowl

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Makes a bold, graceful statement! Let this lidded bowl speak for itself as a sculptural piece on its own while it houses your cherished treasures. Each bowl is slightly different, embracing wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic that celebrates imperfection.

Our Wabi Sabi Bowl is created out of mild steel (contains iron) that has been heated in the forge and hammered into shape on the anvil by Ruben Irons, Artist Blacksmith in the back woods of Nova Scotia. R & R works are made without jigs or templates allowing each to celebrate unique character. Hammer marks on the metal speak to the ancient process of blacksmithing with the overall form emanating a contemporary feel. Unique marks of character speak to the ancient craft of blacksmithing and the subtleties of the particular piece of metal. The bowl has a raw beeswax finish to preserve the industrial steel grey colour.

Each bowl measures approximately 2.5" tall and 6.25" diameter.

Handmade in Nova Scotia.